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We want to inform you that it is important to be registered for taxes in the country where you spend more than 183 days.

Non-Resident – Not registered for taxes in Spain

If you are a non-resident, that is, not registered for taxes in Spain and own a property, you must declare it regardless. This declaration is a state tax based on the municipal tax. One declaration per owner per land registry number must be made, i.e. if you own an apartment with a separate garage and storage, you may need to make 3 declarations, if two owners, 6 declarations, etc. To know how many you need to make, contact us. In Spain, this is called M210.

If you are a non-resident and rent out your property, you must also declare it every quarter. This is regardless of whether it is for a long or short period. If it is for less than 2 months, you must also have a license issued by Junta de Andalucia registered to your property. For more information about this, click HERE.

Resident – Registered for taxes in Spain

If you work or are retired, you must file an annual income tax declaration (IRPF). For more information about this, fill out our contact form.


If you run a company in Spain, regardless of its form, these must also be declared more often. Contact us today for a consultation so that you get the right answer about what applies to you and your company.

Wills service in Spain

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